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At Texas Glass Restoration and Window Cleaning in addition to our traditional window cleaning, we also offer cutting-edge technology of pure water window cleaning! How does it work? We take water and put it through a five-stage purification system to take out all the impurities. We then take this 100% pure water, nature's super solvent, and run it through a pole to a brush designed specifically for windows and frames.


Your windows and frames are then scrubbed and rinsed. We guarantee spotless results. Additional benefits of this process include the following:

Receive Prompt and Professional Window Cleaning Services

  • Scratched glass

  • Hazed auto windows

  • Acid etching

  • Building runoff

Get complete window care with our repair and restoration services

  • Construction damage

  • Shower enclosure buildup

  • Pet scratches

  • Graffiti removal

  • No chemicals

  • No ladders

  • Cleans frames too

  • Spotless and streak free

  • UPVC friendly

  • Protects flower beds

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